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Next Class: December 12, 2018

11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Class Comments:

"You inspired creativity!"
Constance Harcar (recurring GL)

"You are a bright light & it is so contagious. I feel very inspired & ready to hit the ground running. Thank you!"
Timberly Whitfield (writer/producer/TVhost)

"You exude confidence, clarity & changed my attitude toward social media"
Harrison Lee

"You have a free-spirited, positive nature that relaxes me in the ever-growing-so-fast paced world of digital . . ."
Regina Pasqualino (actress/writer/yoga)

"Engaging & funny; helps lift the curtain on social media."
Tony Lopresit, (Actor)

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Join me to learn how to apply business marketing & public relations skills to your career as an actor.  Get a step ahead by downloading my Powerpoint Presentation via my LinkedIn Profile

Thank you RC Sisters!

It's been a pleasure to serve our national organization as your Chair these last few years. We launched a new website in 2017, gained many new members from all over the country and celebrated our 105th Anniversary with a Rising Star Cabaret. Keep up with us by visiting -- our multiple Bulletin Boards will share the latest among our women in NYC and Regionally.


Audiobooks are proven to help students with reading disabilities become better readers and learners. They can be a powerful tool to support comprehension, boost confidence, save time on schoolwork and ultimately lead to better outcomes . . . and my first (& only) recording of Vampire Diaries is now in their library.


After 8 years, I bid a fond farewell to hosting my own program, "The Cinematic Arts." (read more on my Affiliate Page) As a permanent part of my archival history, this is my last show, dated April 14, 2016:

Guild For the Blind

Volunteering a "Mind/Body/Spirit" class for the last eight years - recently cut back our weekly program to just once a month -- "might" go on staff next year -- so I'll come more often again.


105th Anniversary Celebration
Denise Pence, RC Chair

Corporate Coach & Consultant Review

Rehearsal Club and Blythe Danner


Thank you to The Players NYC for hosting our Rehearsal Club 105th Anniversary Celebration on June 22, 2018. Thank you to The Rehearsal Club women for allowing me to lead us into this amazing evening that began, again, from the suggestion of Kathleen Conry, who brought us all together in the first place in 2006.

The idea was to fulfill our mission to "inspire the next generation." We outreached for recent graduates, new to NYC (as we all were back in the day), so we could afford them the same support and professional network we received when the RC existed. Left to right below, our winner, Lethabo Mofomme, Olivia Jane Parisi, Ashley Klimper, Sharon Lita, Julia Adams and Kennebrew Taylor.

Tom Spahn, Musical Director from Sesame Street

We created a competition cabaret to crown an upcoming rising star - thank you to Tara Rubin, Cyma Rubin, CGF Talent, Wolf Talent Group and our special guests, Bebe Neuwirth and Daniala Sikora for hosting our Industry Panel. With a nod to the famous Wardrobe Sales, we created a Celebrity Auction to further fund our RC documentary. And the stars came out. And supporting sister organizations and professional unions came out in support.

THANK YOU ALL! Left to right above: Mary Lou Barber, Nora Munde Gustuson, Tiffany Rudi, Jamila S. Lindo, Cynthia Darlow, Lorianna Izrailova, Same Kooneeng and moi.

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Carol Burnett & The Rehearsal Club from Denise Pence on Vimeo.

After a successful Centennial Celebration in 2013, inspiring the completion of our "Good Girls Only" musical, written by Charles Leipart, gathering 30 writers to produce a memoir book, "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street" (now signed with Curtis Brown Books), we are now seeking a someone to fund, own and archive our history in a documentary with Blythe Danner and Carol Burnett already on board.

History Alive

This is our theater-based, education program. Established in 1991, we've been performing throughout CT and are trying to crack the NYC Private Schools now! If you know and support what we do, help us connect . . .

Trump has cut the arts and charitable giving so our company is struggling.  If you "itemize" your taxes, your "gift"to us is still deductible: DONATE HERE!


RC Alum, Blythe Danner

Legacy Key Award Recipient

Lethabo Mofomme,
RC Key Award Award
New York Film Academy

Thank you to Kim Cattrall for dropping the mother load of gowns and "Samantha's" white mink in our laps. Lovely to know your mink went to one of our rising stars!

Olivia Jane Parisi

“Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets."

"Miss Piggy"


Sexy/all Business/& Southern


Audiobook Reader for Learning Ally

Vampire Diaries - Chapter 1; 2015



Early Guiding Light (click here)


Introduced as "Broadway Royalty," June 2015, singing an original song by Mark York: Click on the pic for the video excerpt)

Student Film Clip &
Dancing w/Ridgefield Chorale