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Thank you for tuning into this soap opera I call my life!

Embracing my Silver Fox chapter with the same curiosity and enthusiasm of my youth, this two-time Emmy-nominee for my role as "Katie Parker" on The Guiding Light, continues to catalyze creativity from every angle presented to me. My journey as an actress might be slightly off-track without the quality representation that found me that GL audition, however, it also allows me to take full responsibility for whatever arena in which I choose to play.

As Chair of The Rehearsal Club my company, Boockvor Productions, produced the 105th Anniversary Celebration, hosted by The Players on June 22, 2018. Enter my site to see more on this labor of love that "inspired the next generation."

I love surprises.

Chapter 1
: I entered the business as a Broadway dancer and worked with some of best directors at that time -- Michael Bennett (via Bob Avian), Bob Fosse and Michael Kidd.
Surprising trivia: My husband and I were the prototypes for "Al" and "Kristine" on the Line.

Chapter 2 and 3, Soaps & Kids: The Guiding Light changed our lives forever. I credit our theater-based director, John Pasquin and my creators, Bridget & Jerome Dobson, for discovering my comedic side -- voila! "Katie" became an unheard of dash of humor in daytime dramas -- years after I was gone, one fan asked Soap Opera Digest if "Kim Cattrall created "Katie?"  Thank you to Soap Digest for setting them straight!

Over the ensuing decades, my greatest production to date resulted in the two amazing women I call my daughters.

Chapter 4: This silver fox, empty nest, episode is still unfolding while real life gets grander (Yup, you can offically call me grandma). Branding wise I hear I'm still a MILF -- Primetime series anyone?


I FEEL PRETTY (self-tape audition, 2017; intro October, 2018)

Sexy/all Business/& Southern


Without an agent, I find working with my theater company, Articulate Theatre, or student filmmakers at Columbia University a great way to stay sharp (& stay in town). The audition scene above never made it into the film, but I learned a lot doing my first "self-tape" with it (they castmuch younger, African-American model type). The intro was done using SAG Foundation's lab. Find me!

"Denise Pence, well-known for her years of TV soap opera acting is even better in the flesh, a dancer, singer and comic who belts her way across her audiences and dominates the evening from start to finish." Irma La Deuce CT Journal

Denise Pence is one of the most dedicated and prepared actresses I have ever directed. She takes directorial adjustments and delivers rich, sensitive moments of emotional truth. A joy to work with, a real professional. David Hausman, Director, Schreiber One-Acts

Check out Boockvor Productions for sideline passions, visit History Alive and The Rehearsal Club for ongoing creativity and remember . . .

60 is the new 40, RIGHT?

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