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Make-up by Cati James

(all other headshots by Ron Rinaldi)

Thank you for tuning into this soap opera I call my life!

Silver hair seems to be trending! Yeah. My career continues as I seek opportunities to work with fabulous writers/directors/ producers in this crazy business of show. THANK YOU to Sub-Zero Appliances for choosing me for their upcoming 2019 Ad Campaign and Talented Friends, Jodi Jones (Casting Director) for filtering thru over 4,000 submissions on Actors Access to find me.

If you're an agent (I could use you) or casting director and in the market for an over-40, silver fox type, signup for my periodic Newsletters to keep with the latest. A current glitch on this site won't allow access to all my past theater & television work, however you can access my final History Lesson III from Guiding Light HERE. (created January, 2019); or my whole GL page HERE. Working to correct the glitch soon!

My theater company, Articulate Theatre continues producing stellar opportunities for its company of actors. Protest Plays in April, beautifully produced, provoked challenging conversation and my own continued growth as an actor. This fall, watch for Dr. Frankenstein!

My work as Chair for The Rehearsal Club led us to incorporation and while our new leaders are restructuring, I'm working to create their first series of podcasts, capturing history from some of our Golden Girls for the documentary -- before it's too late!. We are also planning another RC Key Cabaret Competition w/Industry and a dedication plaque event in 2020.

Other stuff in my life includes our company, Boockvor Productions, which keeps History Alive for schools in the tri-state area and my social media seminar for actors at SAG will be going up quarterly. Oh yeah, and I'm officially a granny!.

I love surprises.


2019 DEMO


Sexy/all Business/& Southern


"Denise Pence, well-known for her years of TV soap opera acting is even better in the flesh, a dancer, singer and comic who belts her way across her audiences and dominates the evening from start to finish." Irma La Deuce CT Journal (PS: I rarely audition for musicals these days - although I continue to love a good dance class).

Denise Pence is one of the most dedicated and prepared actresses I have ever directed. She takes directorial adjustments and delivers rich, sensitive moments of emotional truth. A joy to work with, a real professional. David Hausman, Director, Schreiber One-Acts

60 is the new 40, RIGHT?

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Babe, I Hate To Go (director), Feb, 2016 (Visit Filmography for other work)

Triggered by Thomas C. Dunn, directed by Jane Kane, 2019

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