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Denise & Steve Boockvor
50TH ANNIVERSARY - February, 2023

Thank you for tuning into this soap opera I call my life!

Gotta love Republican Rep Liz Cheney saying "men are running the world and it isn't going too well!" I sooo wanted to add that into our "Cinderella" book, but got voted down. No politics! OK. Fine. But, really . . . our message: unity and a world of peace and respect for your fellow man.

Meanwhile, our Pumpkin is now a Carriage making its way to Bear Manor Media Castle. I am all our writer's Fairy Godmother making magic the old-fashioned way: blood, sweat and tears. My former leadership position with the RC allowed me the trusted opportunity to gather our alums to write their personal memoirs and our beautiful book, Cinderellas of West 53rd Street has already generated interest for book signings all over the country. Our "stars," like Constance McCashin (Knots Landing), Melanie Mayron (director who got her start inThirtysomething) and Blythe Danner (who wrote our Forward) and others, are chiming in their support and we are allll soooo very grateful!

Shakespeare Alive! will be starting up again in September. Page Clements will be joining us in our readings so we're upping the ante yet again. To join us, contact me! Former Brush Up your Shakespeare videos are archived on our History Alive site. Latest Brush Up video is for Richard III, done back in March, 2021. We had 3 Richards!! Enjoy!

Brush Up Your Shakespeare: Richard III

HBO's futuristic Westworld season got released (fans are not thrilled), but Steve and I are in there -- somewhere. Thank you for reaching out to us thru Lakey. Got a special project for us, contact us direct!

The "new" corporate entity of TRC is no longer a focus in my life, however, I try to continue supporting The Rehearsal Club's "new" initiatives with their Residency Program at The Webster Apartments. If you're a talented young professional woman seeking subsidized housing go to the NEW REHEARSAL CLUB SITE for more information.

NOTE: Until the original history and personal web pages of all our members are transferred over, the ORIGINAL SITE (which I built with much support from so many others) remains up.


As always, thank you to the fans of Broadway and daytime dramas who remember and stay in touch via social media..

Independent Artist


70 is the new 50, RIGHT? - 2022 DEMO (Self Tapes + New Year's slate!)


Sexy/all Business/& Southern


Shakespeare Alive! This is beginning to feel like a Company lately! And that's an amazing feeling!! Thank you, Denise, for orchestrating all this and making it possible for me to meet all these wonderful actors!" (Katie Sparer, History Alive actor, Acting teacher 2021)

"Denise Pence, well-known for her years of TV soap opera acting is even better in the flesh, a dancer, singer and comic who belts her way across her audiences and dominates the evening from start to finish." Irma La Deuce CT Journal

Denise Pence is one of the most dedicated and prepared actresses I have ever directed. She takes directorial adjustments and delivers rich, sensitive moments of emotional truth. A joy to work with, a real professional. David Hausman, Director, Schreiber One-Acts

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Shakespeare readings continue in 2022. Archived videos (like The Tempest, 2021 above) are archived on our site:

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