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Rehearsal Club Workshop

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
11:00 - 1:00 pm

Quarterly Seminars
SAG-AFTRA Conservatory
Postponed til further notice

Actors Equity
July 20, 2020
Stay tuned for more info

I'd still love a good agent on my team, however, I KNOW my presence on social media help contribute to booking and my getting calls during this most challenging time. It's not rocket science, but it does take initiative and a few tips & tricks to cut out the noise & focus energy.

Past Class Comments:

"You inspired creativity!"
Constance Harcar (recurring GL)

"You are a bright light & it is so contagious. I feel very inspired & ready to hit the ground running. Thank you!"
Timberly Whitfield (writer/producer/TVhost)

"You exude confidence, clarity & changed my attitude toward social media"
Harrison Lee

"You have a free-spirited, positive nature that relaxes me in the ever-growing-so-fast paced world of digital . . ."
Regina Pasqualino (actress/writer/yoga)

"Engaging & funny; helps lift the curtain on social media."
Tony Lopresit, (Actor)

Thank you RC Sisters!

It's been a pleasure to serve our national organization as your Chair these last few years. We launched a new website in 2017, gained many new members from all over the country and celebrated our 105th Anniversary with a Rising Star Cabaret. Keep up with us by visiting -- our multiple Bulletin Boards will share the latest among our women in NYC and Regionally.


Audiobooks are proven to help students with reading disabilities become better readers and learners. They can be a powerful tool to support comprehension, boost confidence, save time on schoolwork and ultimately lead to better outcomes . . . and my first (& only) recording of Vampire Diaries is now in their library.


After 8 years, I bid a fond farewell to hosting my own program, "The Cinematic Arts." (read more on my Affiliate Page) As a permanent part of my archival history, this is my last show, dated April 14, 2016:

Guild For the Blind

Working with the lovely Robyn Frank on a newly conceived "Mind/Body/Spirit" class for the last eight years, we finally bid another fond farewell as of 2019.

Proud walkers since it all began in the late 80's - we lost too many of our Broadway dancer buddies to this -- we walk in their memory.



June 11, 2021

Our now incorporated entity is stepping up our game to fulfill our mission to "inspire the next generation." COVID-19 has put a crimp in all things creative, however, where there's a will, there's a way and this will happen. Meanwhile, plans are still afoot for the Dedication Plaque Event at MOMA this fall.

Check out our RC Key Award webpage for what will come in 2021.

The Rehearsal Club

Sign up as our VIP "Friend" to be among the first know new developments and share our journey. Follow us on Twitter! "Like" us on Facebook

After a successful Centennial Celebration in 2013, inspiring the completion of our "Good Girls Only" musical, written by Charles Leipart, gathering 30 writers to produce a memoir book, "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street" (now signed with Brandt/Hochman), we are working to create a podcast to collect history from our Golden Girls for the documentary -- Blythe Danner, narrator and Carol Burnett donated exclusive footage. See the trailer here.

History Alive

This is my husband and my theater-based, education program. Established in 1991, we've been performing throughout CT and are trying to crack the NYC Private Schools now! If you know and support what we do, help us connect . . . contact:

We're challenging schools to "Be The Exception!" Our bookings over the last few years have dropped. Why? We hear not only has Trump cut arts funding in schools, colleges are no longer "testing to history" and therefore, schools are not teaching it! No crusive writing either! What do YOU think? Have a voice! Vote!

Visit our website to learn more and, if the spirit moves, donate your tax-deductible "gift" to help keep our actors employed! DONATE HERE!


“Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets."


I fondly look back at the past decade while looking forward to where I'd like to be over the next one. Who knew we'd be dealing with a Quarantine Crisis this year! Special Thank you to SAG Foundation's Agent Access for helping to secure me an agent during this challenging COVID Crisis!

With or without an agent my focus is on continuing to grow as an actress while being productive in other areas -- maybe this decade I can even step up my game to even larger projects. It's about time our RC Musical got produced! Ideally, I hope our RC women (me!) have more of a voice in shaping this final product. As with A Chorus Line, the birthing process can be painful, however, the results are worth it, right???

For now, we ALL are marching into this new decade with continued creativity, friendship and confidence. We're in this corona boat together so let's make it as safe, respectful and harmonious as possible!


"Miss Piggy"


Audiobook Reader for Learning Ally

Vampire Diaries - Chapter 1; 2015



Early Guiding Light (click here)


Introduced as "Broadway Royalty," singing an original song by Mark York: Click on the pic for the video excerpt)

Student Film Clip &
Dancing w/Ridgefield Chorale