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Our Covid-Inspired Shakespeare Workshops continue to inspire -- even attracting actors from across the pond! Page Clements, our Shakespeare guru, continues sharing her pearls of wisdom while challenging us to keep up by reading with us!

Since Covid struck, we began Shakespeare Alive in August, 2020. Since then we've read 26 plays; 9 to go. Troilus & Cressida casting now -- reading March 18 & 25th. YOU are welcome to challenge yourself with us. Contact

Brush Up Your Shakespeare with many of our archived video on our History Alive website: HERE. NOTE: Tax-deductible donations accepted -- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Thank YOU for being our …. well I don’t know quite KNOW the correct word Denise …. Our “holder-together…er!!” With out you and your amazing fortitude and positive energy … i, for one ,could NEVER do these readings! I am so appreciative of all of you and the wonderful things you each bring to these readings. It is getting to feel very much like a COMPANY…. And I am not sure if there are many things that are as miraculous as that !! At least in my experience. Thanks!!! (2022)

Katie Sparer
Workshop of Westport

"I want to express my deep thanks for all you did for this Shakespeare Workshop. It carried many of us through the doldrums of this Covid nightmare. It was stimulating and fun to work on particular roles and get to read them. Also fun to see the work that others had done week-to-week.

Thank you, my Friend. Your efforts are very, very much appreciated." (May, 2022)

"Just went back through all the 'Brush Up Your Shakespeares.' What fun! As hard as Covid has been on all of us, we have happy & productive memories for the work and play we took part in . . . a delight to watch & listen to all. Thanks so much, Denise. Your hard work brings much pleasure." (January, 2022)

"Thank you, my Friend! Your effort is allowing us all a little "theater respite" during this dire time. Makes us remember the joy of acting." (2020)

Kevin Gilmartin
Articulate Theater Company - Actor Reel

"I haven’t gotten excited about much lately, but I feel very excited about this!!" (2021)

Melissa Eddy Quilty, Actress
Faculty, Walnut Street Theater
fellow Wynn Handman Alum

"You know how grateful I am for all you include me to be part of. It's stimulating and gratifying to be in a circle of people with you who have passion and an artful nature."

MaryLou Barber
Actress/Arbonne Ambassador

You are amazing and so inspiring. I will see you Tuesday and will look at Richard lll, I also do not know the play so I am excited to learn/ read this one as I was with Henry V- thank you so much for putting this group together. These are plays that I have wanted to read and engage in and by being in this group I am being held accountable to doing this and I love it!!

Licia James Zegar

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that you have created this reading series. I am one of those artists motivated by deadlines and rehearsals. Theatre is my chosen art form for many reasons: a profound love of words, timing, relationships, human motivations, on and on. However, especially in this time of isolation, I find it difficult to get myself to practice my craft. When you, Denise, invited me to read for Midsummer Night's Dream, I was re-invigorated to dive into the text again, to play with words, articulation, timing, knowing that I could look forward to indulging in this passion with others who also simply love the work; a space for pure enjoyment -- a casual atmosphere of relishing the words of Shakespeare. It is healing to connect through my craft with others in this way. Thank you for providing the space, and doing the "admin" work of making it possible. (2020)

Ariel Lauryn


Thank you SAG-AFTRA for starting me on the path of sharing with other members what I've learned in approaching social media for the actor -- the right way. Covid curtailed those sessions for the Conservatory, however, Equity and the Episcopal Actors Guild both provided new zoom opportunities in the beginning of this pandemic. I'm hoping all in attendance have used their isolation to "claim their real estate" and start their journey. Review my Powerpoint "Overview" Presentation on my LinkedIn profile.

My own "trial by terror" has proven essential -- and succeeded in attracting the kind of agent I thought would revitalize my career. The "hard sell," I'm pretty sure he had to do proved too big a challenge. I'm once again "freelance." Reviews on my "real" work are HERE.

Comments from teaching social media below:

"You were so generous, inspiring and beautifully candid." Bella Merlin, PhD (Professor of Acting & Directing, U of CA, author of "Facing the Fear: An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright" & "Shakespeare & Company: When Action is Eloquence")

"You inspired creativity!"
Constance Harcar (recurring GL)

"You are a bright light & it is so contagious. I feel very inspired & ready to hit the ground running. Thank you!"
Timberly Whitfield (writer/producer/TVhost)

"You exude confidence, clarity & changed my attitude toward social media"
Harrison Lee

"You have a free-spirited, positive nature that relaxes me in the ever-growing-so-fast paced world of digital . . ."
Regina Pasqualino (actress/writer/yoga)

"Engaging & funny; helps lift the curtain on social media."
Tony Lopresit, (Actor)


Audiobooks are proven to help students with reading disabilities become better readers and learners. They can be a powerful tool to support comprehension, boost confidence, save time on schoolwork and ultimately lead to better outcomes . . . and my first (& only) recording of Vampire Diaries is now in their library.


After 8 years, I bid a fond farewell to hosting my own program, "The Cinematic Arts." (read more on my Affiliate Page) As a permanent part of my archival history, this is my last show, dated April 14, 2016:

Guild For the Blind

Working with the lovely Robyn Frank on a newly conceived "Mind/Body/Spirit" class for the last eight years, we finally bid another fond farewell as of 2019.

Proud walkers since it all began in the late 80's - we lost too many of our Broadway dancer buddies to this -- we walk in their memory.


We are now focused on shining a spotlight on the women of The Rehearsal Club (and Cinderella Friends) who are still viable and hustling to find quality work on this crazy business.

Stories from the Legendary Rehearsal Club

Dedicated to all the hardworking, aspiring young women
who dream of a career in the arts.

Published by Bear Manor Media

The journey for this book started almost from the day we came together in 2006. I like "social," but I also loved the idea that all our collective energy just might create something we could leave as a legacy (Michael Bennett training).

After serving a year on the Board of Directors for TRC 's newly-incorporation entity in 2019, our company, Boockvor Productions, separated. We support them and their mission, however, our focus is on the creative artist, NOT on raising $$ to sustain a business.

Thank you, RC Sisters!

History Rehearsal Club Site

"New" Rehearsal Club Residency Site


We are an arts education company, dedicated to support, inspire and challenge artists and writers in creating an informed history.

This is my husband and my theater-based, education program. Established in 1991 and performing throughout CT. We took quite a hit during Covid. With the success of our Shakespeare Reading Series, however, we decided to refocus our energies to not only use great talents to perform our characters in schools, but also find ways to excite and challenge those talents to stay competitive in this oh-so-tough industry.

Our Shakespeare Alive! reading series continues in 2023 with a full-fledged COMPANY! Our fabulously talented actors continue readings and look forward to opening the door to talented new playwrights. Oh what magic we could make!

Visit our website to learn more and, if the spirit moves, donate your tax-deductible "gift" to help keep our actors employed! DONATE HERE!



"Bianca" excerpt from Othello, Jan, 2022


Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Steve Boockvor - "Shylock"
Denise - "Morrocan Prince"


“Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets."

MY MOM: 1923 - 2021

Depression Era strong and a passionate Women's Libber long before the phrase was even coined, mom was 97 when she finally let go and let God take over. Just prior to her going into a nursing home, I was helping her "republish" her cat fantasy trilogy, The Phantom Sleuth. I do believe mom was hanging on until she knew it was "out there." She passed peacefully right after it hit the stands in February, 2021.

The Phantom Sleuth, and Cinderellas of West 53rd Street are both available on Amazon. Mom's is also on Barnes & Noble; Cinderella's on Bear Manor Media. Thank you, mom, for the early training on publishing! Late in life, Mom was teaching creative writing and so left quite a few of her stories behind. I may start sharing in a blog one day. Time will tell all . . .

Meanwhile, below are more "acting" samples"

"Miss Piggy"


Audiobook Reader for Learning Ally

Vampire Diaries - Chapter 1; 2015



Early Guiding Light (click here)


Introduced as "Broadway Royalty," singing an original song by Mark York: Click on the pic for the video excerpt)

Student Film Clip &
Dancing w/Ridgefield Chorale

Articulate Theatre Logo

We produced some powerful indie-theater during my 5-years with them -- until Covid. Cat Parker, Artistic Director, continues to create, but this company dissolved. Thank you, Cat, for creating theater that made me proud appearing on your stage.

A teaser for Babe, I Hate To Go, which I directed, is below. More videos under my Filmography page.



Columbus State University

Standing before this packed, high-profile audience (with Steve by my side, however, unable to help me get the words out -- not much has changed since ACL) must be what it feels like on Oscar Night. #grateful #unbelievable

Thank you, Columbus State University