Becoming History

With everyone glued to the daily soap opera that is Trump’s Washington these days, I wonder what our history books will write about this marker time in America’s history. The conflicting views coming from Fox Networks vs MSNBC is enough to make me put on my rose-colored glasses, focus on what I can control in my own life and pray the chaos will come under control one day soon. However, as with the Holocaust, some actually want to believe the horror that was Hitler never happened! Many history books are being re-written to the extent future generations of children are growing up with a Reader’s Digest version of everything.

Since the advent of social media and blogging, I try to chart the soap opera that is my personal life in relation to the world around me.

Nancy Pelosi was just re-instated as Speaker of the House (2019) and therefore being interviewed everywhere. One of her recent quotes hit home for me: “Hope sits between faith and the goodness of others.” I love that she sees public service as a “noble calling” and will be working in faith that our bi-partisan Congress will find the sometimes deep-seated individual goodness needed to bring this country together in strength and prosperity. The 3 Branches of Government (separate, but equal) created by our fore-fathers for checks and balances against tyranny, still works. Time will tell all because, speaking from personal experience, it’s hard to see the truth when you’re living in the midst of making history.

In spiritual terms “goodness” is “God within.” Unity principles teaches the 12 Powers: The first Power for January is “faith.” You see the connection?

On the brink of another new year, it’s important for each of us to look back at individual life choices, analyze results and apply lessons learned while moving toward new goals. Where and how did “faith and the goodness of others” play into the chapters of the soap opera you’re writing in your life?

Acting, to me, is also a “noble calling” and much of anyone’s career in show business is steeped in “faith and the goodness of others.” Every audition is that carrot of “hope” that keeps us coming back. Even at this “technically retired” age, an acting career does continue. As Michael Cain says “You don’t retire from movies, movies retire you.” Yes, daytime dramas retired me very early on, however, those who know me, know I’m still alive and kicking whenever given the opportunity. Hence, my need to finally share “Katie Parker’s” History Lesson III publicly — now that time has given me better perspective. For the record, the history of soaps in New York City has already been written. There are no more soaps being done in NYC and “Katie” was merely a blip in Guiding Light’s 57-year stellar history.

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. History Lesson III

Circa 1980-82

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