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What Agents, Directors and Writers Have Said (see my LinkedIn profile for other "Recommendations":

Take 3 Talent Evaluation: Not anyone's fault TV Casting Directors were not allowing me thru the gate. Count myself lucky Betty Rae on GL in '77 took the chance. Onward and Upward.

Articulate Theatre Company, Folk City Stories: "Babe, I Have To Go," written by Rhea McCollom and directed by moi:

"The communication I had with my director, Denise, was fantastic. So often with short play festivals I hear absolutely nothing. Sometimes I get a friend request or brief email. Denise was the most communicative long-distance director I've ever had. She made me feel like I was part of the process the whole time. It was awesome working with her."

David Hausman, Director: I didn't get the job, but he had this to say about my work during the course of auditioning for Schreiber One-Acts, 2015

"Denise Pence is one of the most dedicated and prepared actresses I have ever directed. She takes directorial adjustments and delivers rich, sensitive moments of emotional truth. A joy to work with, a real professional!"

What Fans Have Said:

THE REHEARSAL CLUB: My work with The Rehearsal Club led to my acting as Chair, culminating at our 105th Anniversary Celebration on June 22, 2018 at The Players, NYC. I'd run meetings, but never worked the podium at an event. This was a first.

Gail Parker, Corporate Coach & Consultant:

"What a package you are! Smart, gorgeous, planned and spontaneous (a rare combination), a great speaker (that's what I teach!) and so caring -- also, those dancer gams don't hurt!"

While raising family and working at Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP, I met some wonderful, high-end movers & shakers in NY - like:

Emmett Watson, former MOMA Director of Development

"You know our demographic is growing (should say mine as I am much older) and actors like you and my MoMA friend, Helen Mirren and other beauties like Charlotte Rampling and Kristen Scott-Thomas who have kept looks, talent and sex-appeal work all the time. I think you have all those qualities so get a new agent, get out there and land a new series on HBO. Heck, I'd be glued to my set. You've still got it kid, trust me." (2013)



Throwback Contest Winner, 2014

INTERVIEW: Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra

For the past 5 years, Steve and I have been bringing our gypsy dance buddies to Ridgefield for an evening of fine food, wine and judge some competition dancing with us. Below is an interview by a local writer.

Two former "Broadway Gypsies" will help judging Dancing with the RSO




What the Critics Have Said:

Articulate Theatre Company, Folk City Stories: "In Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace, written by Kelly Zekas, it is unclear whether a woman's friend of 40-odd years loves her back in the same way. Denise Pence, who played "Suzanne" in this piece, was particularly impressive. She is a former "gypsy" whose time on Broadway led to her being the prototype for "Kristine" in A Chorus Line. Ms. Pence is a seasoned actress with a strong stage presence. It was a pleasure to see her in this production." Dr. Tom Stevens, Applause Applause, Feb. 2016

GUIDING LIGHT - Soap Opera Digest
"Even though she plays a peripheral character, Denise Pence adds special sparkle to the screen as frustrated-in-love "Katie Parker."  Denise is a natural as "Katie," and her comical antics are a welcome respite from the often heavy-handed melodramas on GL."

STRATFORD CHARACTERS - Stratford Upon Avon, England
"There is no choosing among these persuasive characters . . . excellent cast . . . Remember, they said, remember, remember.  And we will, with pleasure."
"Each and every member of the ensemble gives an outstanding performance!"

"Denise Pence, well-known for her years of TV soap opera acting is even better in the flesh, a dancer, singer and comic who belts her way across her audiences and dominates the evening from start to finish."
CT Journal

"Miss Pence proves alluring . . . she is most stageworthy and a fine dancer."
Alvin Klein, NY Times

"She makes her Irma come through clean as a whistle, a delightful mixture of sex and Sunday school purity."
Ruth McDermott
Norwalk Hour

Pence's 'Lina' delivers her comic dialogue with perfect timing, a radiant foil . . ."

GYPSY - Alvin Klein, NY Times
"The real show stopper was You Gotta Have a Gimmick . . . with the bumptious and grinding Tessie Tura -- a great number!"
. . . do an indigenously right You Gotta Have A Gimmick, with the haunting credo:  "To have no talent is not enough."