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Ahhh youth . . . where's the Wrigley's commercial I did while doing Follies on Broadway? Accidentally found the Opici Lambrusco wine spot & 1st Bank commercials - it's a start.

Softkins Commercial VO

(remember radio?)

Freaky hearing myself on the radio while on vacation away from the Guiding Light studio. And here I am, doing a weekly radio broadcast for the visually impaired on Gatewave Radio. The world of broadcast radio is vast and one of the all-time, original radio stars, Arthur Anderson, is married to one of our Rehearsal Club gals, former casting director, Alice Middleton. If you really want the skinny on what it was like back then, just check out his books:


"The Cinematic Arts"
weekly broadcast since 2008

Every Little Step
A Chorus Line Documentary

Vicki Mallory Tribute
("Leslie" Y&R)

At one time, InTouch Networks brought in AFTRA actors to record weekly programming for the visually-impaired at the Jewish Guild for the Blind in NYC.

In 2008, I joined their group as a floater, doing hard news coverage, as-well-as the more theatrical shows. Eventually, I received my own show, "The Cinematic Arts," however, as the world's economy was crashing down around us, so did InTouch Networks.

Fortunately, the Executive Producer, Gale Starkey, knowing this was a valuable service, managed to capture the feed, rename the 501(c)(3) Gatewave Radio and all the volunteers continued recording their shows, many out of their own homes (that's me). Many thanks to Linda Ellerbee at Lucky Duck Productions for their support and CBS's Gordon Rothman, for his contributions as Gatewave Executive Director.

"The Cinematic Arts" airs weekly on Thursday at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Informative, insightful and totally entertaining behind-the-scenes material by some great writers from Entertainment Magazine. IPhone owners have access to the free app via IBlink Radio; others can join via our website:


Innovative Group Leader Award 2010

Certified in 2009 to teach NIA (non-impact aerobics), Robyn Frank and I began what has become a "mind/body/spirit" weekly class at the Guild. We focus on "awareness" not only of the body, but the mind and the power behind our thoughts. Physical limitations notwithstanding, each of us have the individual power to effect change in the world around us. "Careful what you say, children will listen . . ."