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This project started with a simple plea -- "Would you write us (The Rehearsal Club women) a song? Just one?"

Charles Leipart was a writer friend from waaaay back who, lo & behold, wrote us a song; an anthem, really; incorporating all the little tidbits I'd fed him . . . like the note I wrote Ms. Clayton (our house-mother) -- "I'm a really good girl! I don't even have a traffic ticket!" Result? I got a cot at the famed Rehearsal Club residence for theater women in New York City which within 2 weeks, I was on the road to my life with "The Rothschilds."

Fast forward to 2013, The Rehearsal Club Centennial, when we presented 10 new songs & an amazingly talented Broadway cast in a consolidated 50-minute staged reading of the new musical, "Good Girls Only." This logo was designed by our RC Treasurer and all-around talented Alum, Terry Baughan. More details can be found HERE.