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Putting on the pinstripe suit of a "producer"



My very first venture into the world of producing. The year is 2006 and I'm still working in the law firm, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP. My boss, the late Arthur D. Sederbaum, Esq. has been diagnosed with cancer (which I didn't know at the time) and he loved the theater. One of the reasons we got along so well.

One day he says "Would Bebe & Donna come out if you asked them to?" I said, "If Steve and I ask them, they might." "Ok, he says, go find out the cost of a theater." We created:

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Celebrating Women Artists Over 40

It wasn't until 2010 that I had an opportunity to produce again. This time, I'm out of the law firm and reconnecting in the world of show business. As co-President of Women in Arts & Media Coalition, I have an opportunity to produce a show where we showcased the first song, "Good Girls Only," inspired by the women of The Rehearsal Club, written by my dear friend, Charles Leipart & the late composer, John Kroner. I visualized this logo, but Betsy Ashton, manifested the miracle.

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Inspiration in Motion

VintAGE inspired Charles Leipart and John Kroner to option writing two more songs. Now we had 3 songs & no $$$. As a member of Actor's Equity's Women's Committee, I had the opportunity to create a proposal that the Eastern Region Equal Employment Opportunity Committee voted to support. So in 2012, we created -- this logo, too, was visualized by me, using the "Rosie the Riviter" logo from WWII, but Betsy Ashton again, gave it form.

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The Rehearsal Club Musical

Union Women @ Work then inspired the writing of the full show -- however -- our composer, John Kroner, unexpectedly passes. We continue moving forward with composers Larry Spivack and Eric Scott Reed who write supplemental material to create a condensed, 50-minute version, presented in March, 2013 at the Professional Children's School with a full Broadway cast, George Lee Andrews, Mary Lou Barber, Jamey Grisholm, Ernestine Jackson, Randy Graff, Victoria Mallory and Jane Summerhays.

This logo was designed by our own RC Alum, and current Treasurer, Terry Baughan.

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