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Three months of dancing in the dirt in every conceivable area of Israel; swimming in the Dead Sea; celebrating the High Holy Days and experiencing God's wrath as the Heaven's grew dark just as we raised the cross into the air. Really! Days and days of hot air and blue skies without nary a cloud in sight, until the day we were set to shoot nailing Christ to the cross (with my own Steve Boockvor holding the hammer). The Heaven's turned black & thunder sounded -- I kid you not!

And then, of course, all that amazing choreography by Rob Iscove ended up on the cutting room floor. Taught me a whole lot about working in film -- a director's medium for sure. But we all still had an absolute blast -- my only regret is I couldn't afford to have my own camera to capture all the fascinating chapters behind the scenes! Like the day we all had lunch with the Shek under silk protecting us from the hot sun; no utensils - we ate lamb with our fingers; Norman Jewison & Rob got to sit at the head of the table . . . amazing experience. Not one picture in my scrapbook today (Cliff Lipson? YOU got some -- I know you must have). Trivia spoiler: In the film cut of 3 women doing walkovers thru pillars, the woman camera left whose third walkover is a little off-kilter -- That's me. We did several retakes, but I could never get that third walkover straight. View the Movie Trailer here!

That's my [Jewish] husband doing the whipping!


Excerpt from Ted Neeley's Documentary - featuring, of course, my husband and myself . . .


Nada. Student films that never got completed; or, I never got the copy of . . . not meant to be, I guess. But then . . . ya never know. God's plan is in His own time.


Steve and I married in England upon our return to the states after another 3 months traveling Europe for our honeymoon. Charmed & lucky life if you ask me . . .