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Heaven Scent is a mystery adapted to the superior senses of cats, an ability that is unattainable by mere mortals -- a trilogy for cat lovers. Add to that a cat's ability to understand people -- and our inability to answer them, combined with an ability to shlip into tight places virtually unobserved -- make sleuthing fun. Don't expect a clear-cut solution to the mysteries for, like life, nothing is ever what it seems.

My Mother's Self-Published

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The Phantom Sleuth: A Fantasy About Cats transports the reader into a world of "What ifs." What if YOU were transformed into a cat? You're in for a wild ride with this one.



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Mom's first novel, And Then There's Murder, (whose lead detective was written with me in mind), is set on the Juarez/El Paso border where I grew up. Taken from actual headlines, she's woven an exciting tale of murder, drugs and political corruption.

Mom wrote this waaaay before "The Bridge" hit the air. Hummm. Written with me in mind for the female detective . . . ah well . . .

LaFemme Geek is sole-owned by Charlotte Rapisarda with whom I had the pleasure to work during my stint as Co-President of the Women in Arts & Media Coalition. She was their web guru & helped me create the poster for our 2010 VintAGE: Celebrating Women Artists Over 40 production! She is a lover of the Performing Arts who has turned her creative talents toward designing websites for performers, including yours truly! Contact: Char(at)

Tamlyn was "Mz Electra" to my "Tessy Tura" in GYPSY years ago -- how she's helping bring Broadway Alum together with an opportunity to STRETCH their talents!


April 27, 2015

I'll be performing a new song, My Life's Not Over, lyrics & music by Mark York


The Ziegfeld Follies opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater in 1913 -- the same year Equity was created, The Rehearsal Club was established and the Ziegfeld Club became a part of Union Women @ Work: Inspiration in Motion.

These original Ziegfeld Follies costumes have been archived with Disney - so glad we got to them first!

Deaf Dogs Rock is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the love and care of deaf dogs around the country - and run by my step-sister, Christina Lee.

a reading service for the visually impaired

Thank you to Gail Starkey and Gordon Rothman for their dedication throughout the years since InTouch Networks went down in 2009 -- shortly after my joining them as an AFTRA "reader." Since then, our unions merged and Gatewave Radio carried on the tradition of offering "news and information" around-the-clock with volunteers working now from their own home studios.

I so enjoyed learning and growing in the art of broadcasting by choosing content for and hosting my own program, "The Cinematic Arts," for the past seven years. I sometimes wonder who "out there" shared my sometimes opposing opinion to mainstream critics on the latest films; or, my personal experience asides to emphasize a point about the "business" behind the buzz.

(July, 2016)

This is our company. We hire actors to go into the schools to recreate history -- however, as of 2018, they've stopped teaching history in the schools. Overview maybe, but our need diminished drastically. Not sure what's being taught to our children these days, but if they're trying to make our youth forget the halocaust, we, the people, need to stand up.

Are you?

Do YOU have children that are no longer learning how to write??? Cursive writing, too, has gone by the wayside. Trouble, right here, in River City.