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Circle of Friends


August, 2006

This was my very first attempt at producing -- made possible by Arthur D. Sederbaum, Esq., Partner of Trusts & Estates at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP where I slaved as his secretary and alter ego for a decade. Diagnosed with cancer (which I didn't know at the time), Art became a very caring boss.

"Would Bebe and Donna come out if you asked them?"

"If my husband and I asked them, they might."

"OK. Find out how much a theater would cost and let me know."

And we made history. Bebe Neuwirth MC'd the most amazing one-night only event featuring many of our Broadway friends (and my boss's daughter) which raised funds for a fellow gypsy suffering from a brain tumor. Art died of cancer in January, 2007.

Our production of Circle of Friends happened at the same time Donna published her book! Click on the book to purchase . . . she's also got a record out now . . . see below -- and visit my musical page for more books & music from A Chorus Line & friends!