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Performing Good Girls Only
The Players, 2013

Tribeca Screenings
Interview with Blythe Danner

Sardi's Event
Sponsored by Women in Arts & Media Coalition


Producers interested in the musical, "Good Girls Only" contact Charles Leipart.

Literary agent/publisher interested in knowing more about our Cinderellas of West 53rd Street book, contact!

Denise Pence @ Rehearsal Club Centennial


Together We're Stronger proved to be the magic in this amazing miracle. Visualize it -- and it WILL happen!

Former residents of the famed Rehearsal Club came together in 2007 with a mission: "To tell the story of The Rehearsal Club, preserve its legacy and inspire future generations of aspiring artists." As Chair, I helped lead our women into incorporation in 2019. Focus shifted and now I'm connected in an "advisory" capacity only.

Prior to "going legal," however, my world was all things RC where I had a strong hand in inspiring the creation of a new musical, Good Girls Only, and collected 30 of our women to write their memoirs around those early years while living at The Rehearsal Club for the publication of our book, "Cinderellas of West 53rd Street." Both projects are pending.

The 4 days of events created around our Centennial, June 27 - July 1, 2013, were just a preview for the greater vision. Women from all over the country came to attend the events we, the NYC alums, created:

  • Lincoln Center Library - panel discussion on the void left when the RC closed in 1979 with representatives from Actors Fund, Manhattan Plaza and original Board of Directors from the RC;
  • Tribeca Screening Rooms - Blythe Danner hosted the debut screening of the RC documentary trailer, the NY Historical Society's WWII film on the original "Canteen Girl," our own Phyllis Jeanne Creore; and RC Alum, Doris Eaton, the longest living Ziegfeld Girl.
  • Erarta Gallery - open mic night
  • Rise Clemmer & Moi
  • The Players Club - sponsored by Carol Burnett, we walked the red carpet, renewed friendships and celebrated the creativity birthed by our coming together.