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Women in Arts & Media Coalition
Co-President, 2010

Anyone out there believe in the universal energy helping you achieve what you put out as a need?

I am becoming a great believer. Our Rehearsal Club women were sitting with this wonderful new anthem, Good Girls Only, how could we showcase it? My involvement with WAMCoalition provided the outlet.

Betsy Ashton, a former CBS News Correspondent who has returned to her first love - fine art -- created & painted our logo inspired from a Vintage poster I happened to see at a friend's home. Holly Harms came up with the brilliant idea to celebrate the work of Edna Ferber, allowing me as co-President to showcase our one RC song together with a scene from Stage Door (which immortalized The Rehearsal Club). This production was so professionally presented, it inspired the authors, Charles Leipart and the late John Kroner, to option and write three more songs!

Now we had "Jimmy" based on James Dean who used to hang out at the RC while dating one of our women, Liz Sheridan who eventually wrote her story, Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life With James Dean, A Love Story; and we had "One Dress" based on the dress Carol Burnett used to lend out for auditions & special dates.


Lisa Barnes, now living and acting in Hawaii was my co-President; Rise Clemmer, Diane Findley, Terry Baughan, Melinda Tanner and Kathleen Conry, were the Rehearsal Club women who performed our anthem in VintAGE.


Other Ferber scenes presented were: The Royal Family with Betsy VonFurstenberg; Dinner at Eight with Anita Gillette and Bill Tatum; and my soap circle entered into the mix with Ilene Kristen (OLTL) bringing on her full band, Lion's Den, and then Gretchen Cryer in collaboration with one of my GL writers, Nancy Ford, performed their new work "Window of Opportunity" and "Starting Over," excerpts later performed at The York as "Still Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road." Karen Ziemba, Bill Tatum's wife and Tony Award winner for Contact hung out with us during rehearsals.

All photos are by my soap photographer, Sue Coflin/MaxPhotos