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After leaving The Guiding Light, I joined the Workshop of Westport where one of our GL directors, Harry Eggart, was a member of the Board of Directors. Over the next four years, I received a Masters in Theater from the growth I experienced as an actress and as a director. It was during this time that my husband, who later joined the Workshop as a director, established a company with writer Steve Otfinoski which has been taking historical monologues into the schools since 1991. (I'm pictured here as "Gloriana Fulsomme" with Rex Everhart, a River Pirate).


Current cast includes Denise Johnson as Phyllis Wheatley, Boston's First Black Poet; Rodney Moore as Jack Arabus and Frederick Douglass in Two For Freedom; Donna Moore as Goody Bassett, the Stratford Witch, and Hannah Freeman, The Shaker Woman in New England Women; and Walter E. Tucker in the Black Cowboys.