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"I think that in the 70's and early 80's soaps were extremely successful at creating characters and writing stories which captivated the audience's imagination. We cared about the character s and what happened to them and that's probably why we remember all of the minutia from decades ago, it made a huge impression on us. I don't remember the stories of the nighttime shows I watched but for some reason the stories on the soaps I do remember (good chunks of it).
I loved Katie Parker and the cast of GL in the late 70's and early 80's. GL became a different show in 83/84 with all the cast changes."
Roch Bellefeuille
My Mom was a fan of the CBS soaps and I grew up watching Guiding Light, Search and the rest of the line up.

June 30, 2015 - MAKING HISTORY: Sixty-five years ago today, Guiding Light aired for the first time (Kevin Mulcahy, Jr. We Love Soaps)

September 13, 2009 - GL Manny Blog about the demise of GL

September 14, 2019 - Michael O'Leary recalls his years on Guiding Light Dishing With Digest. Hysterical story about how he got cast, thanks to Betty Rae's random choice, and then blossoming as an actor thru great storylines, creating amazing friendships that live on today. I was long gone by the end, but I totally feel all the actor's pain when the light went out.

"Katie's Birth"
History Lesson #1

Soap Opera Digest

"Even though she plays a peripheral character, Denise Pence adds special sparkle to the screen as frustrated-in-love "Katie Parker."  Denise is a natural as "Katie," and her comical antics are a welcome respite from the often heavy-handed melodramas on GL."

Surviving New Writers!
History Lesson #2


Collage created by Debora Pressman (1983) Wish they'd gotten a full picture of it - no idea where it is now).


Katie's Demise
History Lesson #3

"You're too young" for the roles currently auditioning (so said my current agent).

Meanwhile, I'm seeking out a new commercial agent who asks if he can "send me in anyway." Gee, gosh! Sure!

I auditioned for two soaps and book the job on one (GL). After almost a decade, I'm sure that former agent regrets the loss. And yes, I was "too young," but . . .

Watch my History Lesson #1 for more info.
Watch History Lesson #2 to see what happens if you stay too long at the fair . . . History Lesson #3, covers the end of Katie and soaps in general. Created January, 2019, it shares my frustration, compounded by what happened to soaps in general over the next decade.

The Guiding Light changed my life . . . the bump in my belly during those first amazing two years, is now married to a handsome, Yale grad (see 2014 pic below), and I am forever grateful to CBS and P&G for embracing me and allowing my husband and I to take our marriage to a new level.

Born March 9, 2017 (camera shy, don't you think?)

My baby, Brette, has discovered the artist in herself! Follow her on Instagram @art_by_brette_foglietta

INTERVIEW by Roger Newcome: Reminiscing

INTERVIEW from Italy (in Italian - waiting for the English version to go up again)


Guiding Light Parody created by Marsha Clark ("Hillary")



Stars & Strikes for Cancer

Hosted by
Jerry VerDorn & Liz Keifer, NYC, 2013


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The talented Anna Holbrook got the role of "Sharlene," I believe, and sent me this clip she found on her original audition tape! So fun to look back . . . thank you, Anna.

September, 2021



2020 Audition for Take 3 Talent
(short-lived agent)

Such is the life of the "veteran" NY actor

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Meanwhile, my mother, Connie Clifford -- who passed on Febrary 18, 2021 at 97, has written several books. I worked hard to get her book, The Phantom Sleuth,
published while she was fighting for her life in a nursing home, during Covid in El Paso, Texas. Finally published in February, mom passed peacefully shortly thereafter.
I am currently working on publishing our Rehearsal Club Book: Cinderellas of West 53rd Street, Forward by Blythe Danner